The weather is gross today but I am trying to stay positive. Since it is almost Saturday, I want to share 5 fabulous things that happened this week!

Food: I’ve been eating healthier this past week. Meal prep is hard for me due to limited time but I’ve managed to at least prep my lunch and dinner. I tried Veggie wraps and they actually taste good.

Music: Glass & Patron by FKA Twigs has been on repeat as well as Tilted by Christine and the Queens.

Organizing: I bought a makeup organizer from amazon and it stores a lot of stuff. I use it to store all my markers, crayons, pens etc. My desk is 10x cleaner.

School: This semester is over on the 15th and I am looking forward to the break, yet sad at the same time.

Photography: I have over 40 edited images for my blog, I am hoping to lunch it soon. I am very excited!


Let me know how your week was! Did you do anything exciting? Did you come across any new blogs or posts? Heard any good songs? I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and weekend. You can find me lurking here:

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