Almost Saturday

I haven’t done an, “Almost Saturday” post in weeks. So here are 5 awesome things that happened this week, last week, and the week before.

Mini Getaway Trip: For mothers day weekend I went to Orlando to visit family. Even though the purpose of the trip was kind of sad, I still had a good time. I hung out with a cousin who is the same age as me and it was nice to reconnect with him.

Vacation: I was in Orlando for a 9 days and I had an awesome time. I needed this trip to relax and clear my head. On this trip I went to Disney, MegaCon, and Anna Maria Island.

  • Disney: I went to Disney with Nico alone and I was so proud that he behaved. He started to complain about 6 hours into us being there but for a four year old, that’s good. He had a blast and it made me happy that he enjoyed himself.


    This was after 12 hours at Magic Kingdom. The dude was so tired but he had a blast.

  • MegaCon: 2nd year going and it was amazing! I met my future wife Eliza Dushku and my future ex husband James Marasters. I also got a ton of comics and graphic novels. I saw the little kiddos from Stranger Things and they are so tiny in person!


    This is how the place was looking on saturday, Image found on google.

  • Anna Maria Island: We all know I can’t stand the beach, but Anna Maria Island has miles of beautiful beaches to explore, and Francis found a nice little spot that wasn’t too crowded. I still despise the beach but I would definitely go to Anna Maria Island again.



Food: My obsession with Ramen is still strong. I had three different types of Ramen while in Orlando. One was great, one was okay, and one was so bad that I gave a bad review on yelp. I found another Ramen spot on the island and even though it isn’t great, I like the little village that its in. I want to explore it and take pictures.

Music: Only You by Yazoo the extended version. Awesome song.

School: I finally got my grades back and got all A’s! I gave myself 3 pats on the back, I am so proud of myself for this semester. I worked really hard!

Let me know how your week was! Did you do anything exciting? Did you come across any new blogs or posts? Heard any good songs? Let me know in the comments! I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and weekend. You can find me lurking here:

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