Gave My Blog A Facelift

It’s been a while since I blogged. I made a lot of old  posts private, mainly my poetry since I don’t like the thought of it lingering around on the net. I won’t update a lot because I feel that the blogging world is getting smaller and smaller since people don’t want to read anymore. Here are the things I’ll be blogging about:

Random things

Anyway, I hope to communicate with some people again on here. If you want to further contact me DM me on instagram since thats where I am at mostly. My handle is notkoralis


Top 5 Wednesday: Favorites You’d Like to Revisit

Link to all the glorious prompts! Here is the description: “What favorite books would you like to re-read? These don’t just need to be books, they can also be TV, movies, video games, etc.” Top 5 Wednesdays are awesome, I should partake in them more. Continue reading