Google Search: Best Exercise for Anger Management

Typical Tuesday bullshit in my life. My mother bashing me because she is bored with her miserable life. She watches me like a hawk and takes mental notes on what to harp on when she has the chance. So currently I feel angry. Not, “I’m about to cry” angry, but the “I want to take my computer and chuck it like a frisbee” angry.  Continue reading


Broke Travelers Half Ass Guide: Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas from April 5th – April 10th. I went for the ClexaCon and had an epic time in general. Here is my half ass guide to Las Vegas.

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E is for Eating


My relationship with food isn’t the greatest because I use food as a coping mechanism. I basically overeat to feel full to not think about all the other bullshit in my life. I have one memory of overeating that sticks with me because it was after my stepfather threatened to throw me in the garbage. Continue reading

D is for Depression, the 2nd Unwanted Roommate

Just for future reference a majority of these posts for this challenge are in my queue waiting to post. I’ll be in Vegas April 5th – April 11th for Clexacon but I have posts that will publish. Anyway back to depression. There is nothing that I can blog about that hasn’t already been blogged before. Depression sucks.

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