Since it is almost Saturday, I want to share 5 fabulous things that happened this week!

Photography: I bought new filters, 2 new lens, and snapped a lot of photo’s. I am still working on my photoblog which is harder than I expected.

Weight Loss: I came across this article on Medium and it inspired me! Speaking of inspiration a friend of mine lost 35 lbs in 30 days and that also inspired me. I always give up when I try to lose weight and eat healthy, I never stick to it. Hopefully I’ll start working out more and stick to it.

Youtube: I discovered a new YouTube channel that I love! Check her out if you enjoy unsolved mysteries type of stories: Cayleigh Elise.

School: I finished my final project for my photography class. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with how my assignment came out, I am glad my teacher liked it. This weekend I have to edit my shots and print out 6. I am so relieved that she enjoyed my work, she wasn’t trilled with my theme initially.

Buffy: I discovered this beautiful sweater and want it so badly.

Let me know how your week was! Did you do anything exciting? Did you come across any new blogs or posts? Excited for the weekend? I hope everyone has an awesome Friday. You can find me lurking here:

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