She Makes 3

Heading to another funeral, one that I do not want to go to because Thursday’s are my study days. Does that make me selfish? I wasn’t close to my great aunt. I can probably count on my hands and toes how many times I saw her. The death doesn’t seem real though, if that makes sense. I feel like going to the funeral will make it real. Continue reading


Sex & Death

We didn’t go to the track.
We had sex in her old room.
This wasn’t fate or destiny.
I wanted a release.
I lied. I never came.
She kissed my knee when she was done.
I thought I was over this phase,
of meaningless shags,
and my cocky ways.
Hours later my great aunt passed,
from this burnt out planet,
to god’s realm.
I told her about before I counted sheep.
She’s helping me with my outfit.
I secretly want to try and release.


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Sickness, Death, and Family

Last year I lost my great grandfather and my great uncle (great uncle wasn’t really a “loss” see post here). My great aunt has cancer and she won’t make it to see June. Throughout all of this I feel bad for my grandfather. Last year he lost his father and his brother. His son (my mothers half brother… does that make him my half uncle?) has colon cancer, and now his sister is dying from cancer as well. I saw my great grandfather May 2016. H was bed ridden, couldn’t speak or open his eyes. That’s the last memory I have of him and it hurts knowing that. Continue reading

Word Of The Day (My Vocab Sucks): Ketubah

My vocabulary sucks. I now have free time on Tuesdays, so I decided to comb through the dictionary, pick a random word, and I guess learn it? Add it to my vocabulary? Who knows, I like learning. This month is going to be the letter K because its the best. (It’s the first letter in my name).

Continue reading

Google Search: Best Exercise for Anger Management

Typical Tuesday bullshit in my life. My mother bashing me because she is bored with her miserable life. She watches me like a hawk and takes mental notes on what to harp on when she has the chance. So currently I feel angry. Not, “I’m about to cry” angry, but the “I want to take my computer and chuck it like a frisbee” angry.  Continue reading