On Hiatus (Kinda?)

Happy Wednesday! I have off tomorrow and Friday so I plan on posting some poems that I have been working on and getting back into the groove of blogging. I am also looking to change my theme because my blog looks so plain, it needs some color.

I still log in everyday and read everyone’s post. I am just on a little rut on what to blog about besides poetry. My anxiety isn’t as bad since I work out regularly and change my diet, and I am in a healthy relationship. I still hate my boss but how much can I actually blog about him?

How has everyone been doing? You can find me below mainly on twitter:

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2 thoughts on “On Hiatus (Kinda?)

  1. We all go through these phases where things just aren’t clicking satisfactorily. There are definitely some gaps in my archive history, with barren pages and blowing tumbleweeds. Take your time, you’ll be fine… 😉


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