Almost Saturday

Hey peeps! Happy Friday! So as usually, I haven’t done an, “Almost Saturday” post in a week. Here are 5 awesome things that happened this week and last week.

Family: My grandparents are here they normally come for the summer for a week or two but this time they brought Nico! My weekends have been practically spent taking him everywhere. This weekend I am taking him to go see Wonder Woman.

Health: As of today I am down another pound I have been focusing a lot on my health with eating properly and working out. I keep my calories at 1600 and I also workout 6 days a week with my rest day being Wednesday.

Recently I have started Insanity Max 30 and I am trying my best with C25K. Insanity got my body sore quick and I actually skipped yesterday. Since there is 2 rest days I am going to try and make up the day I missed on Saturday.

In regards to Insanity I try to aim to complete at least 15 minutes of the workout video, the workout is very intense / high impact. With me being my size I modify the modifier in the videos but afterwords I feel great. If you are looking to challenge yourself then I definitely recommend checking them out and buying the videos.

Music: I have been blasting this song a lot. I am surprised that its not more popular.

Reading: Currently I am not reading anything but I challenge myself to read 52 books this year and I currently have read 42 books! I am hoping to surpass my goal by the end of this summer.

Anxiety: With all of the exercise and eating right my anxiety isn’t has massive as it was before.

Anything good happen this week or last week? Have any book or song recommendations? Let me know in the comments! Find me lurking below:

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