Humans, Humans, and More Humans by Kori | Written 6/29/17

I didn’t pass you by,
I continued on with my life.
You are capable of learning,
Yet don’t take the opportunity.

I don’t get the love concept,
Those would rather be with someone,
And be miserable,
Then die happy and alone.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


9 thoughts on “[179/365]

      1. Ugh maaaaaan it is a looooong story lol I don’t want him back at all, unfortunately seeing that messages made all these feelings come back, and stupid me messaged him back. This isn’t my ex Lee though, I can’t stand him with a burning passion, and he’s blocked on all platforms.

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      2. Ohhhh ok, I thought it was Lee and I knew you’d be dead before you spoke to him ever again. If the other guy didn’t mess up too bad, may not hurt chatting a bit to see if he’s changed at all? 🙂


      3. Yeah, if Lee ever messaged me I may die of laugher lmao. In regards to the other guy, I don’t think he changed though. He has a girlfriend but he messages me saying, “I miss you” Who messages their ex saying that?

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