Almost Saturday

I haven’t done an, “Almost Saturday” post in a week. So here are 5 awesome things that happened this week and last week.

Reorganized –  I did a complete make over of my room. Long story short I ended up chucking 7 bags of garbage and donating 3 bags of clothes. My room feels less cluttered.

Health – I’ve been working out and going to the gym. I still hate the gym but since May 2nd (the last time I weighed myself) I have lost a total of 14.2 lbs. I need to meal prep more but I am very proud and noticed a difference in my mood. Eventually I want to utilize the two groupons I have. I have one for kickboxing and one for Zumba.

Music – I’m probably really late on this one…. sorry… and I do love Remy Ma, I just find this song really catchy.

Spotify – I hated Apple Music, I don’t know if its been fixed, but when I had it the app would change the album art on my music. I know it may seem like nitpicking but I hated that. I use Spotify a lot when I work out, and I love it. I have a free trial and depending on how the week goes I may upgrade my account fully.

Books – Picked up some good books the other day. Sold by Patricia McCormick and Lord Of The Flies by William Golding(turned out I had it on my kindle… oh well now I have a hard copy).weekend-loading-quote-vinyl-wall-art-f783438c-628a-4d52-8000-0e1489e283c7_600

Let me know how your week was! Did you do anything exciting? Did you come across any new blogs or posts? Heard any good songs? Let me know in the comments! I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and weekend. You can find me lurking here:

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