To My Gods & Goddesses by Kori | Written 6/9/17

Make me the love child of Zeus.
Fill my veins with ichor,
let me feast on ambrosia and nectar.

Give me the strength of Athena,
and the love of her father,
minus her misogynistic ways.

Give me the words of Apollo,
minus his angry temper,
and flirtatious nature.

Give me a taste of Ares’golden apple,
and give me some of his vigor,
but keep all of the bloodshed.

Give me Artemis’ skills,
let me hunt freely,
but without offspring.

Give me the lust of Dionysus,
minus the madness,
and drunken stupidity.

Give me Hephaestus’ fire,
but not his looks,
or his lack of forgiveness.

Give me Hercules’ bravery,
but not his human side,
or his gluttonous fashion.

Give me Hermes’ wit,
but let move,
and be free.

Give me Persephone’s abilities,
to make flowers bloom,
but only that, and nothing else.

Give me Perseus’ honor,
but not his dishonest,
treacherous tongue.

Mankind is uncaring,
killing each other.
Make me immortal.

This is probably the longest poem that I have written! I am very proud of it, I took a mythology course and loved it. Find me here:

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. The Fall Of The Titans Image 


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