Top 5 Wednesday: Books For Your Hogwarts House

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I don’t do the Top 5 Wednesday tag religiously, I pick and choose the topics I like and go with it. This Wednesday’s topic is great because its Harry Potter. As we know I am a Ravenclaw so I am excited to partake in the post. Here is some more information taken from the Pottermore wikia,

Ravenclaws possess the traits of intelligence, originality, acceptance, individuality. cleverness, wisdom, wit, and creativity. Many well-known inventors and innovators have come from Ravenclaw.

Students in Ravenclaw are noted for their individuality and acceptance of people and things that others would consider weird. They can also be quirky and possess unusual intellectual interests. While others may be inclined to shun and ridicule such people, Ravenclaws generally accept and celebrate these eccentrics.

With all that information for you muggles I hope you enjoy the five pieces of literature that all Ravenclaws should read!


Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg – A novel about learning to love yourself and the struggles of being different, Ravenclaw’s would appreciate this raw piece of literature that speaks the truth. Like my Goodreads review has stated, “This novel is dark, it deals with, bullying, harassment at the work place, mental illness, police brutality, violence, rape, depression, pride, racism, sexism, AIDS, love, romance, failed relationships, and hurt.”

667Anthem by Ayn Rand – Set sometime in the future, communism is running rampant, and nobody has a real name. This novella shows when individuality is taken away and when curiosity takes hold of a person. We see a man wanting to learn more and not want to be put in a box by his society. Ravenclaw’s should read this because it sets the foundation of future dystopian novels and although it can be a bit dry, it does get exciting.

37793A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen – Although I was not thrilled with this play, it is still a classic worth the read to determine if this is your kind of play or not. This play is about your typical misogynistic husband who views his naive wife as a doll, and she decides to leave her family to find herself. I didn’t like the pace of the play and I thought it was trash, but other Ravenclaw’s may enjoy it since it was ahead of its time.


Feed by M.T. Anderson – Although I enjoyed the book it is kind of whiny, a lot of the teenagers are spoiled, and the main character complains a lot. I like how its a sci-fi love story, and Ravenclaw’s would appreciate its dystopian theme of technology keeping people emotionally distant, and young adults lacking basic knowledge of history. Violet is a character who is the odd ball out and many Ravenclaws (like myself) will relate to her.


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – I don’t know what to say about this book that hasn’t been said before. If a true Ravenclaw wants to gain some life wisdom from Atticus Finch then this is the novel to read. It brings the harsh reality of racism to life and a child who struggles to understand it all.

What books do you recommend to your Hogwarts house? Let me know in the comment section! Happy Wednesday! You can find me lurking here:

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