Last week I started to slowly change my eating habits. I’ve been watching what I eat, I eliminated soda (I had a slip with diet coke during the weekend though), and have been drinking water. I also meal prep breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner which  helps stop cravings while I am at work. Figuring out what my calorie intake per day to lose weight should be was difficult. Online gives you a ton of different answers. According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – NYC, “2,000 calories a day is all most adults should eat.” So going off of that I made my intake 2,000. Next, I found a calorie calculator that I liked. Once I imputed all of my information, it gave me the following:

You need 2,248 Calories/day To maintain your weight.
You need 1,748 Calories/day To lose 1 lb per week.
You need 1,248 Calories/day To lose 2 lb per week.


I normally eat 2-3 times a day, a really big unhealthy breakfast, sometimes unhealthy snacks, and a large unhealthy dinner. I want to lose weight so I the first option was out of the question. The 1,748 calories per day still seemed pretty high and the 1248 calorie per day seemed to be too little when just starting out. I try to eat 350 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, 200 for snack, and 350 for dinner. So I decided that 1.5 lb to 2 lb per week is what I wanted to aim for. I added 1748 and 1248 then divided by 2 and got 1498 as my median. I lowered it again finally making my calorie intake 1450. With finally having a set calorie intake per day I planned my meals, and this is how I did last week!

Day Intake / Limit
Monday 1450 / 1450
Tuesday 1331 / 1450
Wednesday 1279 / 1450
Thursday 1566 / 1450
Friday 1223 / 1450
Saturday 1289 / 1450
Sunday 1855 / 1450

Total: 9993 / 10150

Thursdays are always hard for me because I work 8 to 4 and then I have class 5 to 9. I didn’t prep for dinner on Thursday because I was going to be stuck in a classroom for hours. After class I caved and had fast food. Sunday I had tacos for dinner and had zero self control. Despite those two days being off I didn’t go over my weekly calorie intake! I’m going to stick with what I’ve been eating which is typically the same thing:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with spinach for breakfast or almond blueberry milk with Greek yogurt.
Lunch: Salad w/ dressing & almonds or Turkey & cheese on a veggie wrap.
Snack: KIND bar or popcorn chips.
Dinner: Salad w/ dressing & almonds or Turkey & cheese on a veggie wrap.

However once I come back from vacation I want to try these recipes for breakfast: 8 overnight oats.


With my 1st week done and feeling accomplished, I know I have to eventually start incorporating some exercise but, I don’t know where to begin. I only know five things:

  1. I have to workout everyday or else I will stop all together.
  2. I cannot workout at home.
  3. I want to work out outdoors during the weekend.
  4. I want to go to the gym only 2x a week.
  5. I get bored easily.

So with that, I have four days covered I just need to work on three more. I haven’t come up with a workout schedule yet. After reading Why I Do a Different Workout Everyday of the WeekI came to realize that creating a schedule would be beneficial for me. Hopefully this week I will come up with a good exercise plan.

If anyone has any workout schedules, plans, or ideas let me know!  Also if anyone has any fitness tips I’ll love to here those as well! You can find me lurking here:

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