“Boys will be Boys” is Not an Excuse

This is why I don’t take walks around my block or anything. I’ll go to the gym or to a track or even a park. People are so gross.

Elle Runs Well

“Whenever I lace up my sneakers, I have to think about exactly where I’m going to run, what dogs along that route are likely to spring out of their yards in pursuit of fresh”runner meat”, as well as the possibility of being sexually harassed”

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7 thoughts on ““Boys will be Boys” is Not an Excuse

  1. It’s an all to common experience, which it makes me really sad and angry to say, but it’s true. I would recommend running in groups, I try to meet with friends. It’s horrible that we have to think like that, but it makes it easier to keep getting out and run wherever we want to, which we absolutely have the right to do!


    • Not sure who you’re referring to as paranoid. The original author has a point saying that sexual harassment is not okay. As for myself, I’ve been catcalled when going for a walk around my neighborhood, its annoying. I stick to tracks or parks.


      • Sorry it offended you, I can’t put mysef in your shoes, I just can only try to understand. And if they call you whatever, wich probably is something that is like “your hot babe!” or something like that, who cares.
        Tell you a story, I was 16 and me and my mother were walking pass a construction site, so the guys there started to call my mother all kinds of names, from sexy to I’m gonna fuck you e.t.c. What did I do? I punched a 40+ guy in the face and out he went.Knocked cold. Unfortunately it seems since a kid the fights never mattered to me.
        But, here is the thing, the next punch I got was from my mother. Literally, smack me across the face and told me to never do that, that you are better than them and who cares what people say.
        I haven’t, until today, reach that point, still get into fights, but her preaching was the right one.

        You are better than them, so who cares what they say and it shouldn’t affect you.
        The other


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