90s-2000s. Memories..

Get ready for some nostalgia!! Gosh some of these songs are just amazing. Leave a comment on the authors blog, comments here have been disabled.

A Brunettes Mind

Anytime I’m on Pandora I can’t help but stop on either “The Cheetah Girls” station or my “No Air” station. Yeah, if your a 90’s kid like myself you’ll recognize those specific names. Lately, I’ve been writing down all of my old favorite songs on these channels. I thought, if you loved some old Chis Brown, JoJo, Miley Cyrus (during Hannah Montana), or some Aly and Aj from Disney channel. This list may help you take a little walk down memory lane, and who doesn’t ever enjoy that right? Here we go! Get ready to feel old guys!

Disney Stars (just to name a few of my old favorites an their songs.)

  • Raven; Some Call It Magic, Backflip, Double Dutch Bus, This Is My Time, Grazing In The Grass, Superstition, That’s so Raven
  • The Cheetah Girls; Girl Power, Cinderella, Cheetah Sisters, Amigas Cheetahs, Strut, Step Up, The Party’s Just Begun…

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