I want to be more positive, with all the negativity in the world I want to brighten up my blog a bit. I also feel this is a step in the right direction and will be good for my mental health. Since it is almost Saturday, I want to share 5 fabulous things that happened this week!

New Blogs: I came across a lot of new photography blogs! WixKen RockwellFstoppers, and Amateur Photographer are ones that caught my eye. Before discovering these photography blogs I would mostly buy magazines, read books, and watch a lot of Jared Polin video’s on YouTube. Ken Rockwell’s blog and FStoppers are by far my favorite so far. If anyone has any photography blogs they recommend please let me know!

Shopping: I went to the MOMA and I bought a magnet that has Roy Litchenstein’s Girl with Ball. I thought it looked pretty cool and the pop / comic look made me look up the artist.


Nature: My easter was amazing this year. I went to the park and took some pictures that you can find here.

School: I was looking up theme ideas for my final project and I fell in love with the work that Cathy Scola has on her flickr. Her Little Perspectives album is my favorite and I advise you check it out!

New ideas: I am in the process of creating another blog for my photography, it isn’t finished it though, I cannot wait to share it with you guys!


Let me know how your week was! Did you do anything exciting? Did you come across any new blogs or posts? I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! You can find me lurking here:

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