Daily Poem – [103/365]

Face Of Worry by Kori | Written 4/13/17

Stress lines form timely,

out of sight behind long hair,

lies on top of lies.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Poem – [103/365]

  1. I’m curious about the “lies on top of lies” line. I understand that the person is using their hair to cover up their stress which is a lie, but what’s the other lie?

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  2. I read this as, the soul is eternally young, lines on the face, and hair coloring to hide the gray, are lies to what we all are… young. The body, beat up and aged, is lying. Well written, I loved it!


  3. I like this one a lot! I read the comments above and it cemented what I was already thinking. Compact work with a punch! Nicely done!


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