Title: Normal Girls
Author: Kori
Word Count: 464

Angela waited in her car at the scheduled location, she tossed the janitor uniform in the backseat, finally feeling comfortable in her normal clothing. As she listened to the tunes playing, bright headlights appeared and Volkswagen beetle parked beside Angela facing the opposite direction.

Karlie rolled down her window, her curly brown hair in a messy ponytail. “Do you have it?” She said softly as if trying not to disturb anybody.

That voice was sweet and Angela couldn’t help the flicker of attraction as she turned to face her. “Yes,” she replied, mentally giving herself a high five for not passing out. The exchange was quick, Karlie got her file, and Angela was given $125.

“You okay grandma?” Karlie jokingly asked her noticing Angela’s appearance.

Angela with a confused expression paused to take a look at herself in the rear view mirror, she chuckled at the sight, and began to shift into her correct age.

Karlie was speechless as she stared at how beautiful the young Angela was. Her olive skin tone was flawless, her eyes were light brown, and her jet black hair had one single purple streak. But it was Angela’s engaging smile that really got Karlie hooked. “Sorry about that, I sometimes forget to shift back.”

“Huh, yeah um, no it’s fine.” Karlie wanted to compose herself, she couldn’t act like a spaz in front of a goddess. “So, care to tell me how you got into the stealing business?”

“H.H.A never gave me the time of day,” Angela gave her a slight smile.

Karlie tried to change the subject, she hated the H.H.A. “Being able to change your age at will is pretty awesome.”

“Yeah, but I don’t have a hero bone in my body.” Angela sighed, putting stray hairs behind her ear.

“My great grandmother is one of the founders of H.H.A and would probably tell you otherwise.” For a slight moment, the buoyancy in her voice was gone, “She always said how each of us serve a purpose, but I don’t want that life. I want to be-”

“Normal?” Angela finished her sentence while nodding in agreement. She also felt more of an outcast. Even though she didn’t know Karlie that well she was intrigued by her. She was beautiful, had powers, and was more than just a vapid teenager.

“I should probably get back home, I’m sure you have a lot of thi-”

“I was wondering if you go to Apple Academy?”

“Yes, it’s my senior year, class of 2085. Do you go there?”

Angela smiled, “Graduated two years ago, class of 2083.”

“Food?” Karlie innocently asked, “I know this great diner on Canal, parking sucks though.”

“I’m game.” Angela grinned at her, deep down she knew it was going to be a long and exiting night.

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