I am so far behind on everything and I am sorry! This weekend has been crazy and I haven’t really been on WordPress.


This weekend I went to Manhattan to take some pictures, I went with a new friend of mine from class named Adam. He’s a cool dude who showed me some of his favorite places to eat and I now have a slight obsession with Ramen from Totto Ramen in Hells Kitchen. The extent of my Ramen is instant noodles, thanks to Totto I can never have a cup of Noodles again.

I had the Spicy Miso ramen with chicken and ramune to drink.

© It looked exactly like this but the missing ingredient was the rayu. I was shocked at how good it was.


I walked a lot when I was in Manhattan and I wanted to get a fitbit to track my walking. The following day I went to the store to buy it. I was excited to use it, but it was so inaccurate. It counted steps that I didn’t take and 4 steps = 180 steps. I paid $162 for something that didn’t work. I took it back on the same day. I was highly disappointed. I had fitbit in the past but it was the cheaper one and I assumed that if I paid more I would get a better product, but I was wrong.

Fitbit sucks.

Birthday Blues

Today is my birthday and I am 24 years old. Birthday’s don’t feel the same to me anymore.

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Let me know! You can find me lurking here:

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