Family Love – [69/365]

My Family by Kori | Written 2/13/17
(Trigger Warning)

My family are the rotten strawberries in the back of the fridge,
the fruit you forget to discard because it used to be sweet.

My family blocks the sun from their eyes.
They would rather test the waters of dishonesty and lies.

I am not saying we didn’t love each other,
but they cover up rotting flesh with false perfection.

I had a rapist uncle who died and tears were cried.
I don’t understand how my family seemed to accept it,
and be on his side.

I have uncles who are quick to reference the book of the lord,
but are quick to have a blunt hang from their lips, and ignore the good word.

I have an aunt who was married to a man and had his sons,
now she has a wife and a daughter,
and people ask, “how could she really be gay?”

It’s easy to hide who we are.
Collecting those bendicion’s from older tia’s who have skeletons of their own.

Just because she was married to man and had his kids,
does not mean that she loves her wife any less.

I come from a family that’s riddled with misogyny,
because who cares about a college degree or good credit history,
if I don’t pop out babies and cook like a lady.

I wrote this a while ago but it was in my drafts because it needed editing. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my writing. Leave me a comment on your thoughts on my poem or just to say hi! You can stalk me here:

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4 thoughts on “Family Love – [69/365]

  1. I love the Daria gif up there. I never got to see the whole show, but had the poster (til a hurricane ruined it) comparing daria and her annoying sister’s pictures. I loved her sarcasm. Super cool. Now I wanna go get the series from best buy…next paycheck, dammit.


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