The Top 5 Reasons I Use Twitter

These are some good tips!

The Boundless Agenda

I just want to take a moment and talk about how wonderful Twitter has been for me.

1. The amazing #MHbloggers community

Prior to setting up an account on Twitter, I had no idea that there are literally hundreds of bloggers out there, especially in the U.K., fighting the stigma around mental illness and spreading hope to those who suffer from it.

This is just a handful of the amazing people I never would had met without Twitter:


(For those of you who are wondering, those are underscores after their usernames. I’m not having formatting issues.)

Now, I know, not all of you lovelies are mental health bloggers, and that’s totally fine! There are giant communities devoted to practically any blogging niche you can think of:

  • Beauty bloggers or #bbloggers
  • Lifestyle bloggers or #lbloggers
  • Health bloggers or…

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