Motivation Thursdays – [68/365]

Inspiration by Kori | Written 3/9/17

My craft is simple.

Photography and poems,

calms anxiety.


So I always took pride in the fact that my blog was filled with randomness, but I think I am going to stick with posting poems, and maybe add my photography. I haven’t posted my photos yet only because I am still trying to add my watermark on them. The last thing I want is for my photos to be stolen. A friend suggested I start a separate blog just for my photography but I don’t want to have to manage two blogs.

Anyway leave me a comment on your thoughts on my poem, my future blogging habits or just to say hi. Follow me on these other platforms because thanks to Jasminder’s recent awesome post I am going to be utilizing social media more:

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7 thoughts on “Motivation Thursdays – [68/365]

  1. Aw. Glad I inspired you and that you found a direction for your blog!!! I’d love to see some of your photography 🙂


    1. Yes I have taken over a thousand photos but I am having such a hard time with the watermark and storing my photos is a pain because I shoot in RAW and it takes up a lot of space. I cannot wait to share what I’ve captured though!

      As far as direction its so hard for me to stick to one thing. My poetry will still go up daily for a year, but I do like my little rants and my rankings so hm we shall see if I stick to something. I do feel that I need to narrow it done but I also don’t like limitations.

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      1. Another thing you could do is just put a copyright thing in a corner somewhere. You know how I tend to put @Confessions 2017 on my photos? That’s another way you could do it.


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