Photography, Work & Lorde


This semester I am taking a photography class and I am learning so much. This has turned into a really fun hobby for me. This class doesn’t require a textbook which is also a big plus. The professor is actually really nice, makes everything simple, and doesn’t confuse me with camera jargon.

However there are some people in the class that make me cringe. There are two girls who cannot afford a DSLR and want to use point and shoots. Before you even sign up for the class, the course description tells you what type of camera is required. Why sign up for a class that you cannot afford and don’t have the proper equipment? One guy has an old DSLR and he refuses to buy a portable hard drive because he “cannot afford it” meanwhile he goes on endless vacations (apparently) and the cheapest portable hard drive on amazon costs $55…. and the professor gave us a month to buy them.


I don’t like when people make excuses.

Then finally there is a guy who wants to use everyone’s cleaning products. Every time he sees someone cleaning their camera he begs to use their stuff. I hate thirsty people. Buy your own stuff. He saw me cleaning my filter and I heard him whispering, “Share the wealth, share the wealth.” How about you buy your own products? Stop saying you have no money and look into getting a cheap cloth to clean your lens.


My face when he asks to use my things.


My boss is still an asshole with his slick mouth and I have been applying to endless amount of jobs. I went on 4 interviews and I am still applying. I feel the stress slowing slipping away. My boss is making waves for no reason. All my boss has to do is apologize but sine he won’t do that I have to look out for myself.


Me to my boss.


Lorde’s new song Green Light was released yesterday and I have had it on repeat all day. Some people are saying that the song is too mainstream and doesn’t sound unique, which I call bullshit on. Lorde’s voice in itself is unique and I think the song is doesn’t sound like a traditional pop song. It reminds me of a indie 80’s semi-pop song. This is the best comment I read on YouTube, “People saying this isn’t like Pure Heroine. Pure Heroin was almost 4 years ago. People grow/change/alter. Get over it.” The song is amazing.


How was everyone’s week? Has any one heard Lorde’s song? What do you think? I hope you guys have a good weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Photography, Work & Lorde

  1. Pure Heroine is my favourite album. I fucking love Lorde so much and Green Light is fantastic. Yeah it’s different to PH but it’s still very Lorde. It has her beautiful signature on it. I’ve listened to it on repeat all day, too! I hope the job search has some positive outcome for you!


  2. I love an artist that has a unique voice. I love Lorde’s style. I think this song will grow on me. I’m very much into rock music so I don’t appreciate this genre as most people do. The guy asking you to borrow your things.. totally know the feeling. I’m not one to share. Especially when it comes to my food. The girls at the salon give me so much shit for it. Haha. I love reading your blogs so I thought I would nominate you for the One Lovely Blogger Award. The rules are on my page. 🙂

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    • I know entire song…. that’s how many times I played it on repeat lmao. I grew up with an annoying younger sister so me and sharing don’t go well together. Thank you for the award nomination!


  3. I really like Green Light. I think Lorde’s voice is unique enough that it doesn’t matter that it’s a little more mainstream.

    I have to say I sympathis a bit with the guy who goes on holidays instead of buying a hard drive… I also would prefer to go on holidays!

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  4. I am not a big fan of Lorde. Her voice is great and I loved Royals and Team, but the rest of Pure Heroin didn’t really make me happy. I like this song, though. People do grow, if she’d stayed on the same path people would have criticised her for that; it’s never good, what artists do.

    Also, wow at the people in your class! I hate it when people don’t read the requirements and try to wing it or try to get by on other people’s efforts. Makes me icky.


    • “but the rest of Pure Heroin didn’t really make me happy.” Yeah I don’t think her first album was a happy one, to me it felt like a teenager going through changes.

      “Also, wow at the people in your class! I hate it when people don’t read the requirements and try to wing it or try to get by on other people’s efforts. Makes me icky.” THANK YOU! OH GOSH IT GRINDS MY GEARS TO THE MAX!! I cannot stand when people do that.

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      • Just out of curiosity: what do you do when, for instance, that one guy asks you for your cleaning stuff?


      • He didn’t ask me to use my products, when I was cleaning my filter he was saying, “share the wealth” my camera was dusty so I went out to buy products to clean it, this isn’t required for the class, so when he said share the wealth I ignored him. He asked another guy to use his cleaning stuff, and he let him use it.

        If he were to ask me I would say no. I don’t like people who say they can’t afford this and that just to get out of something. He doesn’t want to buy a $2 dollar glasses cloth for his camera lens / filter but he was bragging about his $400 limited edition sneakers. He boasts about how he hustled to get his dslr yet he wont hustle his way to get a cleaning cloth.

        If he didn’t brag and wasn’t thirsty I would let him use my cloth if he asked like a normal person.

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      • What amazes me is how it was obvious from the start it was going to be a costly class (photography is an expensive hobby). How come so little people understand that? Makes no sense to me. But despite all that, I am glad you like the class and have found something you’re passionate about 🙂


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