Ang is pregnant and having a baby. We went to Babies R Us to add things to her registry. She added 168 items to her list that came up to $3,519.93. Also, she isn’t even done.


That is a big number. Are babies that expensive? Why? They are only babies?!? What the fuck. To my followers that are parents. Is that normal?

Just looking at that number makes me want to drink.



5 thoughts on “$3,519.93

  1. I realize that most likely, I will probably not have a child. At least biologically. I’m only familiar with wedding registries, but those weddings gave us options as to where to get the things the bride and groom requests, so you couldn’t put a price tag on it.

    I didn’t know there were baby registries! I thought you just show up to the baby shower with a gift that’s on a list that the mom-to-be emails you. I’m out of touch.

    The only semi-related thing I’ve done was spend a day at the thrift store with a friend who recently had a baby. We were both in high school and she was looking for baby clothing with growing space. There were many baby-related things in the thrift store that looked brand new! O.o


    1. I don’t want to have kids because I don’t like kids (besides my godson, I love him so much) but man they are expensive. There is nothing wrong with thrift stores, I bought my godson 3 bags of clothing when he was a baby from a thrift shop and spent $15. Nearly 4 grand for a baby thats not even here. It’s madness.

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  2. Yes it is normal. Babies are fucking expensive! Check out consignment shops. And if you plan on having more keep everything! Prepare to have no savings or good credit for the next 18 years! Are they worth it? Absolutely!


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