Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorites That Aren’t Books

I don’t really partake in Top 10 Tuesday’s or Top 5 Wednesdays, but while lurking through the Buffy tag on here I came across this post. I thought it was interesting and wanted to participate. Although this prompt is late I want to do it anyway, there is a goodreads group if you want to look at the upcoming topics.

Song: Easier Day by Little Green Cars – I have been obsessed with Little Green Cars for the last 4 years. They are a very underrated indie band from Dublin and their songs really hit home for me. Currently my favorite song by them is Easier Day from their latest album Ephemera. 

Film: Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins – Initially I passed this off as a typical movie about a child growing up in the hood and I loved that I was proven wrong. This is a coming of age story about a black man in the rough streets of Miami who is gay. I truly do not want to give anything away, but the three actors who each played Chiron during different periods of his life did an amazing job. They played the role with ease and I completely ignored how there was a different actor each time. Also, the film score compiled with the strong scenes in the movie really makes it. I definitely recommend watching it because it touches on important issues that the lower class deals with. The trailer for the film is below.

Television Show: Family Guy – I have been watching Family Guy since I was in the 7th grade. I have been catching up with the most recent two seasons on Netflix. This show is hilarious but isn’t for those who get offended easily. My favorite scene is when Stewie beat the crap out of Brain for owing him money. It’s a classic scene.

YouTuber: Chills – I have had my YouTube account since I was in the 8th grade, before Ad’s took over everything. I love listening to true horror stories and follow channels that post anything with a creepy stories. Chills is one of the many YouTuber that I listen to and has a voice that keeps me hooked. Check out my favorite video that he uploaded.

Song : Lemon Eyes by Meg Myers – I discovered her thanks to Shazam while I was eating and T.G.I Fridays. Although I’ve only listed to a few of her songs in the last two months, my favorite song by her is Lemon Eyes. This is a full on rock song that is raw and in your face. I love the angsty feel the song gives me. The video is below and to me it doesn’t do the song justice.

Happy hump day people! I know this isn’t the right theme for this week but I thought this was a fun post. I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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