Good Vibes And Pizza Pies – [51/365]

Follow Request by Kori | Written 2/20/217

This is a declaration of me saying, “Fuck you.”

I won’t use complex words.

and destroy you with simple phrases.

Your green eggs and ham vocabulary cant comprehend.

Shocked, confused, and taken for granted.

Anger was replaced with relief rather quickly.

You’ve followed the sheep onto the common train,

I weep for the loss of my time, one thing I can’t get back.

You got caught up on trying to have everything perfect,

I didn’t fit that narrative.

Bet 3 years later and my life is on track,

while you’re on the train to parentsville.

My ex Lee tried to add me on social media over the weekend. What a tool. I am in such a good place right now though 🙂


7 thoughts on “Good Vibes And Pizza Pies – [51/365]

  1. Actually kinda curious on this one. Do guys just have no right to talk to their exes depending on the circumstances of the break-ups? Not sure what happened to you guys, but in my own relationship 3 years I said some of the most inhuman malicious things to my ex I didn’t know I had the capacity to say. She may have tortured me mentally for the week leading up to the breakup and both our egos probably perpetuated the others, but I still had no right to treat her that way and likely deserve my punishment. Years have gone by and I still feel immense guilt. Not shame, but guilt. I don’t think I’m an evil person, but when hurt I can say some evil things sometimes. She obviously blocked me, so haven’t spoken to her in 3 years. Have probably sent her 5 e-mails apologizing and pouring my heart out and saying how grateful I was to her, how I haven’t let myself blow up on women I have romantic feelings for, and how I wish the lesson I learned didn’t have to be wasted on her because I legitimately wanted to marry her and she’s still the person I’m most grateful to have met over the years. Maybe your ex doesn’t identify with what I just said, maybe he does, maybe its none of my business. idk what are your thoughts? Sorry not trying to prod, but couldn’t help identifying with your ex in this post.

    For my own relationship I would say I’m 90% moved on, but I can’t help but thinking about her still constantly, and now it doesn’t really make me sad, but more grateful. Still wish she could be in my life though and it sucks.

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    1. The thing with Lee is he always thought he was better than me because his mother gave him no rules and I had a curfew etc. Lee and I dated for a year in highschool and then for a while as an adult and we broke up 3 years ago. In those three years he started dating another girl and now she’s pregnant. Why is he trying to reconnect with me now? He said some real messed up things to me leading to our breakup and I have no interest in what he has to say.

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      1. Sounds like it was a destructive relationship if he ruled over you from a point of ‘superiority’ from his mom’s entitlement bleh. Yeah if he’s knocked someone up and has a gf that makes no sense, his priorities aren’t straight. I dated a girl for a year in 2015 who is now one of my best friends since Masami, but it wasn’t a serious relationship. Have been single since our break-up and missing her like crazy all these years. Sucks to burn bridges with someone you love. I sadly committed emotional treason at the end when I felt like she was going out of her way to sabotage me after we broke up. Doesn’t justify it and I feel awful for it. 😦 douchemode


      2. It didn’t get destructive until we went away to the Poconos, he was very judgmental towards one of my friends. He would bash young mothers and those not in college but now his girlfriend is pregnant. I’m not friends with any of my ex’s. They are all blocked from social media.

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    2. It depends on how things ended. I have an ex who was a p.r.i.c.k. to me and sure, once in a blue moon if someone brings him up I wonder if he ever thought about it or felt guilty, but I don’t want him reaching out to me. I don’t need or want that from him – I am really happy now. There is no place in my life for someone who treated me (or anybody) that poorly, so I would see any contact from him as being sort of… selfish. Something to make himself feel better.

      Which would actually be typical of him.

      I think it really depends on what you did. The problem with words and actions is that you can’t take them back. Apologising doesn’t erase the memory from the other person’s mind. There is no backspace on brutal arguments. It’s sad, but I also think it’s something you learn from as you go. I don’t know if Kori agrees, but that’s how I feel about it for what it’s worth.

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      1. Yeah, I’m not sure what you ex did and how awful it was 1-10, but I’m at least a 9 on the douche scale for what I did if not a 10. It sucks. Its so sad to have lost her the way I did, but I’ve learned and treated future girls I’ve dated better. I’m glad you’re happy now and that you’ve found better 🙂

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