The Sound Of Garbage

Since the daily prompt is sound I thought it would be perfect for today since I currently hate the sound of my bosses voice. I hate the way he pauses and the way he sighs, I just despise him.


So today I get to work early to crank out a lot of work, as I am working he comes in and says that we may potentially lose a big client of ours because they found a place that charges them 17% less, and they use a system that’s user friendly. In case you didn’t know, I work in importing at a freight forwarding company. But let me just get two things out of the way:

I do not set prices for anything, what our agent charges us overseas and what my company bills has nothing to do with my work ethic.

Our system we use is out dated, so again not my fault because I didn’t pick the system.

He tells me I have to be on my “A game”, which I don’t understand because I did nothing wrong. They might be leaving due to prices and I don’t set the prices. As he is saying I need to be on my P’s and Q’s and what ever else nonsense hes saying, I simply reply with, “Okay.” He didn’t like that response and followed with, “That’s not the right attitude to have when we are stepping up for battle, because if we lose them that’s your job You can’t be nonchalant.”

This was my face, because wtf is wrong with this dude?

It’s true this account is the one I handle but they are leaving mainly because of cost, not because of me. So I just said okay again, I am not going to stress myself because he want’s to be an asshole. If he were to replace me he would have to pay them 65k a year minimum and he pays me way less than that.

My import manager had it out with him because you don’t say something to an employee. I was surprised that she defended me, the only reason why I didn’t say something is because he always has something to say. To be 100% honest, I knew the client was mostly shopping around, they are a young company (a company run by young adults age 23-28) they obviously want to be up to date with how they check on their freight. We need a new system and he doesn’t want to get one.


Although he didn’t say, “I am firing you if we lose that account” but it does sound like it, and now how am I suppose to feel? It’s like I have no job security here.

Anywho, I am not stressed and even though my anxiety kind of wanted to come out I remembered that my credit card debt is gone, I am enjoying school, and Nico is visiting me in 3 weeks. I have 4 years experience in this field and I am working towards my degree in it. He wants to talk all this garbage then that’s fine. He’s the captain of this boat purposely rocking it, pretty soon hes going no more crew.

Anybody actually like their boss?


21 thoughts on “The Sound Of Garbage

  1. Hahah the boss I have now (except my last day of work is today) is quite wonderful. But this is the first time I’ve ever felt that way towards a boss haha she’s more like a mom than a boss.


  2. I liked my last team lead well enough – she motivated me and helped me stay strong in a job that sucked the life out of me.
    Sorry to hear your boss is being an asshole. Maybe time for a job-hunt?


    1. Yeah I put in a lot of applications. There’s a lot of pros with my jobs and unfortunately the biggest con is him. I’ve been there for 4 years and this is the 2nd time he’s threatened to fire me.


  3. I’ve never liked any of my bosses. The one right after college demeaned me because I didn’t get my degree from an Ivy League school. Lied about her son graduating from the University of Chicago when he dropped out and kept moaning about how beautiful his writing is, and how he hasn’t been published yet. He’s 29, still with mom. She would tell me that “it’s just not fair” that you have your life straight. Almost turned me Republican (interpret that as you may).

    Second boss took it for granted that I’m single with no kids so J couldn’t use any vacation and I was overworked. I got sick with lupus and quit because the job itself was stressful, and yet I feel she was not receptive to my need for a break. Additionally, she was also nosy and kept asking me questions about my personal life and my apartment rent.

    I realized that I don’t have the personality to work for other people and I am disciplined enough to do freelancing and whatnot. I like that I can show people my writing samples and remove my college from my resume as I feel it’s not important. I like that I can pick who to work for.

    I am sorry you have such an unpleasant boss. I am happy for you regarding the credit card debt.

    Best wishes.


    1. Wow that is messed up on many levels. I am glad you quit your second job to focus on your health!

      My first boss was nasty and I worked for a large company at the time and I was just a number. 2nd boss was actually pretty good and I liked her a lot. This current boss has been my boss for 4 years, his son (who is my age) graduated from a private college and he don’t stop talking about it. His wife is also a boss, she heard me talking about a graduation party for my associates degree and was all ,”That doesn’t count, that’s not a real degree” and I told her, “Yeah it is a real degree when you put yourself through school, an associates degree is an accomplishment.” They are snobby people and I can’t wait to leave this place.

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      1. I’m finding that a lot of non-traditional education routes may be more valuable. You go to school while acquiring practical skills. You should reward yourself. Putting yourself through school is difficult.

        As for the private school thing, pisses me off when people call my alma mater “top tier.” I’m sure part of the tuition goes to marketing, advertising, and artificial ratings which a good handful of people can see through. Additionally, just to be objective, an admission rate of 65 percent doesn’t denote that the school is “top tier,” especially if you look at entering SAT scores and grades. My school was essentially a day care for people who feel thousands of dollars will make them better than others. I got a scholarship, I thought “why not, it’s a private school” (at the time when I was 18 and all “normal” people go to college after high school), but I’ve learned that higher education is pretty rigged.

        Then again, note that I’m a self-loathing Millennial who does feel that everything is given to a lot of people my age, and my peers think they’re owed stuff simply for existing.

        Okay. I’m done being a bitch.


      2. Nah you go right ahead and preach! I didn’t go to college right after high school. Sometimes I regret it but other times I am glad I didn’t. I am slowly paying my way through school and enjoying life, I have a trade in importing which I love, even though the industry can be a pain. I was one of those who also thought it was “normal” to go to college after highschool. When that didn’t happen to me I felt like a loser for a while. But, if I had the change to do it over knowing what I know now, I would go to community college first, work, and then go to a bigger university.

        I sometimes feel a bit bitter and think all of my other peers are given life on a platter and I am just working my way through everything. Although I love things that are free, things just given aren’t appreciated as much as working for it.

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      3. Keep continuing to be yourself. I made the mistake of creating q Facebook account very recently. People from my past who ended up going to really nice schools are still making status updates about the unfairness of their student loans since we graduated in 2013. I immediately deleted my account.


      4. Yes I went through that for a while. 80% of my peers went to great colleges and graduated with bachelors and working towards their masters. I have my Facebook active but I only follow my family mostly. But I also see that they don’t have jobs either or they intern. I am glad that I am working.

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      5. Maybe that means he’s not to be taken seriously? My second boss threatened to do that all the time, and our work WAS quantifiable. She kept a lot of people for months and months despite subpar performance. Maybe this boss is just on a power trip? Hmm.


      6. He has probably never been held accountable for his mistakes. Perhaps he has been told all his life that he’s right. His perfect snow globe of a world, where special snowflakes formed from his breath swirl in never ending circles.


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