Since the daily prompt is sound I thought it would be perfect for today since I currently hate the sound of my bosses voice. I hate the way he pauses and the way he sighs, I just despise him.


So today I get to work early to crank out a lot of work, as I am working he comes in and says that we may potentially lose a big client of ours because they found a place that charges them 17% less, and they use a system that’s user friendly. In case you didn’t know, I work in importing at a freight forwarding company. But let me just get two things out of the way:

I do not set prices for anything, what our agent charges us overseas and what my company bills has nothing to do with my work ethic.

Our system we use is out dated, so again not my fault because I didn’t pick the system.

He tells me I have to be on my “A game”, which I don’t understand because I did nothing wrong. They might be leaving due to prices and I don’t set the prices. As he is saying I need to be on my P’s and Q’s and what ever else nonsense hes saying, I simply reply with, “Okay.” He didn’t like that response and followed with, “That’s not the right attitude to have when we are stepping up for battle, because if we lose them that’s your job You can’t be nonchalant.”

This was my face, because wtf is wrong with this dude?

It’s true this account is the one I handle but they are leaving mainly because of cost, not because of me. So I just said okay again, I am not going to stress myself because he want’s to be an asshole. If he were to replace me he would have to pay them 65k a year minimum and he pays me way less than that.

My import manager had it out with him because you don’t say something to an employee. I was surprised that she defended me, the only reason why I didn’t say something is because he always has something to say. To be 100% honest, I knew the client was mostly shopping around, they are a young company (a company run by young adults age 23-28) they obviously want to be up to date with how they check on their freight. We need a new system and he doesn’t want to get one.


Although he didn’t say, “I am firing you if we lose that account” but it does sound like it, and now how am I suppose to feel? It’s like I have no job security here.

Anywho, I am not stressed and even though my anxiety kind of wanted to come out I remembered that my credit card debt is gone, I am enjoying school, and Nico is visiting me in 3 weeks. I have 4 years experience in this field and I am working towards my degree in it. He wants to talk all this garbage then that’s fine. He’s the captain of this boat purposely rocking it, pretty soon hes going no more crew.

Anybody actually like their boss?