My Boss Is Trying Me – [46/365]

You Aren’t Worth It by Kori | Written 2/15/2017

I got up before the sun did,

my mood was great,

I snapped a few photo’s,

ate balanced.

Then you rocked the boat,

making me question my methods,

my anxiety tried to surface,

but I held it together and breathed calmly.

Empty threats are still damaging.

I can’t wait for you to eat your words.

I’ve made it through sickness and two deaths.

I refuse to be a statistic,

those who drink and smoke,

dead inside from job related stress.


10 thoughts on “My Boss Is Trying Me – [46/365]

    • Hi Bruce, I applied for a bunch of jobs today. I know what I deserve and its not to be treated like I did something wrong. But I am very much in a happy place 🙂 I refuse to let my boss break me down!


      • I was in such a happy place and my boss made me live in a living hell with her tricks and stuff. It is OK to start a new. You must find something that you enjoy!


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