I Heardย by Kori | Written 2/8/2017

I heard the bug bit you,

not the one that spreads love,

but the one that sends hate

straight to your heart.

I heard you’ve been looking for me,

I don’t know why,

I won’t have anything nice to say,

or massage your ego.

I heard about the seed that’s growing,

she seems to please you,

she sends coys smiles,

and suggestive looks.

I heard about the tiny doubts,

with no funds in your account,

no place to live,

and no job.

I heard that you saw me hanging out,

with my cold beer and warm ciggarette.

Don’t judge me as I dance my problems away,

I don’t have a loverย carrying life,

but I heard you do.

My ex Lee always had a plan. He always said that he was going to be a doctor before he had children. He always bashed young parents and said he was going to have his first kid when he was 30. Welp, he’s 7 years early. I wish him well, when I heard he and his girlfriend was having a baby I was so happy for him. I do hope they get married because he always said that children born out of wedlock are always damaged (he was talking about me). I also heard he’s having a daughter, when he would talk about how, “My first born is going to be a boy because my genes are strong, girls are rarely born into my family.”


This is what happens when you judge others. Not saying that children aren’t a blessing, as long as I am not having them, but man you talked all of this garbage. Now look.

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