Children Frighten Me

Hey guys how is everyone doing today? I am doing great just at the library trying to study. I sit at a table that pretty big and accommodates 4 people. I sit here because I have my laptop and generally nobody sits next to me, thus it gives me the space to work using the entire table.

Across from me is a mother and her son probably between the ages of 10-13, I am not sure because all children look the same to me. Minus Nico, he’s special.

So the young lad is doing his homework I am presuming and his mother is reading. I am minding my business UNTIL I FEEL THE TABLE VIBRATE and I am like huh what the actual fuck, how is this vibrating? I come out of the study zone I am in and the boy is kicking the table.


His mother tells him to stop and does right away. She apologizes and all is good.

The boy then begins to poke his mother in the arm and chant over and over how he wants to go home, but he’s doing it in a weird heavy whisper.


Has anyone dealt or seen unruly children in public? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear your horror stories!


10 thoughts on “Children Frighten Me

  1. Usually, if I’m in public and I witness a child misbehaving, I go over to them, get down to their level and tell them, “Don’t forget… Santa is watching,” and walk away. I’ve done this a handful of times, and it’s caused said children to stop whatever they were doing; at least for the time that I have to walk away. I’m not a fan of kids myself, but usually it’s not the parents’ fault that their child is misbehaving. At least in your situation, the mother told the son to stop…


      1. I’ve seen plenty of parents that are decent at parenting, but their children lack the correct social behavior skills, which could be related to ADD/ADHD, Down’s syndrome, and the like. Just because a child has an outburst does not mean the parent is at fault.


  2. Pet Sematary is awesome! Love the use of the GIF.
    I love children for the most part, but I can’t stand bratty, noisy ones. I usually give them a wide-eyed evil stare until they stop.


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