What Happened?

So last month was shitty for me with all the deaths that happened. But oddly enough I see it as a sign of hope? Anyway, one of my mothers cousins gave us a bunch of home videos from 1975-2002. I have to say, watching a video of no sound of my mother has one year old really gave me some mixed feelings. Then fast forward to Halloween 1988 where my mother is 14 years old, dressed as a devil (the irony), and has an awesome childhood.

In that home video the look on my mothers face is of pure bliss. She is having an awesome time dancing hip hop, playing jokes, and in general having fun.

Fast forward to August 1994. The look on my mothers face 6 years later is way different. A lot has happened in those 6 years. My mother is now 20 years old, and she is the single mother to an adorable me! I was a little over a year old in the home video. I am rocking a bandage on my hand because apparently I had a knack for touching things I wasn’t supposed to, and my Nana’s curling iron was one of them.

My thoughts? My mother got postpartum depression and never sought any help. This article was an interesting read.

To wrap up what happened yesterday (check out this post for more) my mother was super nice when I got home from dinner. I wasn’t having it, the only reason why she was nice was because her boyfriend came home from work. I think she purposely likes to ruin my mood because misery loves company.


Has anyone ever gone through this?


5 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. There were times my mother (heck, my entire family) would pretend to be fine while we weren’t. Mostly when we were out in public or someone was around. It’s like a mask: pretend our lives are perfect or something. I hope you’ll find more peace of mind soon, Kori. Or just peace.

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