Weekends Suck

I have moments where I love my mother and moments where I wish I could punch her without any consequence. I don’t understand why she acts the way she acts or does the things she does. I’m starting to think that it’s her who needs the help and not me. So tired of her bullshit. Then she cries when I don’t want to spend time with her. Who would want to spend time with a raging bitch with mood swings. Never have I met a person like her nor do I want to. 

She had my sister FaceTime me 12 times so I would answer a question, 12 fucking times. For what? And I declined it because she was going to break my phone. Let that have been her phone and she would have cried. But who cares if it’s my phone right? I fucking hate my mother so much sometimes, I don’t know if I’m having a panic attack or if I’m just seeing red.

The sound of her voice, the way she walks, the tone in her voice as well. It’s just making me angry. 

Do any of my followers have a good relationship with their mother? Or do any of you can’t stand your mother? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. 


14 thoughts on “Weekends Suck

  1. I used to not be able to stand my mother. I don’t think she was anywhere near as bad as yours, but she did have a sharp tongue that hurt me so. Now, we’re good. If you can’t repair your relationship with your mom, I hope you have the strength to carry on. Hugs.


  2. Mom: How are Magmar* and Luna* doing?
    Me: They’re doing great, they’ve just been traveling around.
    Mom: I think Luna is trying to control Magmar.
    Me: Um…. why would you think that?
    Mom: Because she’s a business woman.
    Me: -___- Um… so you think because she’s a business woman, she’s controlling. Also, do you have any reason other than this to think she’s controlling.
    Mom: Well the English have much influence in China.
    Me: Umm… Magmar is Scottish… and they’re in Korea…. and China is pretty much a massive super power in comparison to England right now. Congratulations you’re a fucking retard.

    One of the many examples of the most moronic, ignorant, mindless obscenities that come out of my mom’s mouth. I genuinely have no idea how she says some of the stuff she says sometimes. She has the best intentions, but she’s truly the most delusional person I know, and just can’t look inside for some light on a lot of both of our problems. I totally feel you.

    Here’s another one lol. Prior to leaving for Seoul last summer was talking to this girl I really liked via Tinder. Was venting because she got unresponsive and the real reason was because her grandpa was passing away. Here’s the conversation I had with my mom.

    Me: This is frustrating, Electabuzz* isn’t talking to me.
    Mom: Oh thats annoying. She must be busy. She’s probably busy doing her nails.
    Me: Ummm… you think the sole reason she isn’t talking to me is because she’s busy doing her nails???
    Mom: Well Pat next door takes 3-4 hours to do her nails.

    -___- *****massive facepalm***

    My biggest goal for this English teaching abroad thing is to get far away from her. Maybe with space she can work on her half of the relationship and I can work on mine, but I currently don’t accept her the way she is, and if I didn’t need her for money we wouldn’t be speaking. Fock!


      1. Magmar was pretty close to the name of my friend, so figure I’d use pokemon to replace names hahahahaha. And yeah, thats a great idea. When you stop talking to her it’ll give her some room for reflection and then hopefully your relationship can improve. My mom drives me insane, but she means well underneath it all. Cheers to getting out and improving our relationships with our moms!


  3. I love my mother. What I don’t love about her is how much she changed after chemo. I KNOW it’s not her fault, but she often repeats herself, she has grown very impatient and slow. Those parts of her make me wish I didn’t live at home, when she falls into the role of the old crazy woman who just might turn out be the nails on my coffin.


  4. I have a good relationships (bcz I’m always trying communicate/or find a compromise) but I’m living in diff places/countries with my mum. Otherwise in same house (the longest) I can survive 2, 3weeks-max 1 month. My mum was always unhappy with what I do and how I do. In general she never allowed anything I ever wanted…so I’m here where I am now.


  5. My mom is my best friend (other than my fella). Growing up, I was always told that my mom was the cool mom. We never had the typical mother-daughter fighting that most do and I’m very thankful for it. Even though my relationship with my mom has always been a good one, I do believe that it got better after I moved out. Finger crossed for you to have a better relationship with your mom later on down the road.


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