I have moments where I love my mother and moments where I wish I could punch her without any consequence. I don’t understand why she acts the way she acts or does the things she does. I’m starting to think that it’s her who needs the help and not me. So tired of her bullshit. Then she cries when I don’t want to spend time with her. Who would want to spend time with a raging bitch with mood swings. Never have I met a person like her nor do I want to. 

She had my sister FaceTime me 12 times so I would answer a question, 12 fucking times. For what? And I declined it because she was going to break my phone. Let that have been her phone and she would have cried. But who cares if it’s my phone right? I fucking hate my mother so much sometimes, I don’t know if I’m having a panic attack or if I’m just seeing red.

The sound of her voice, the way she walks, the tone in her voice as well. It’s just making me angry. 

Do any of my followers have a good relationship with their mother? Or do any of you can’t stand your mother? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.