I Cancelled My 2017 Travel Plans Due to the Executive Order

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Alexis Chateau

In late 2016, I returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach with some exciting news.One of my clients was just about to launch an indie travel agency, and hired me to do their PR work in exchange for travel perks and shares in the company.

By January, I had put together the5 Travel Destinations on my 2017 List.That post became – and still is – my most popular for 2017.

Through the post, I’ve received priceless advice from locals and fellow travelers, and heard your stories of where you’ve been and where your 2017 travel plans will take you.

Executive Orders

Then, just one week after my post was published, the U.S. President issued an executive order on immigration, which banned the entry and re-entry of immigrants from all over the world.

Ever the vigilant ones, my family and I had a brief five minute meeting; at the…

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