One of Three by Kori | Written 2/3/2017

Laughter echoed through your tiny basement,

delivering soothing melodies of innocence.

I was devoted, possessive, and jealous.

I jam to the music given to me in 2006.

Though you’re no longer in my life,

there are still 100 songs that are yours.

Don’t worry I never loved you in that way,

and I don’t miss you in the slightest.

You dismissed me,

were the first to ostracize me,

I am not sure why.

Overwhelming fear of loneliness.

I will never and have never mourned the lost of the friendship,

but I would like those same memories,

with a better person.

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This is going to be written as a series. This is about 3 friends I had in middle school, I was watching Family Guy, and it brought back memories.