Campus Bookstore

My question is, do any of you support your college campus bookstore? Because I don’t. The Campus Bookstore does nothing but rob you. I prefer Amazon & Chegg for all my textbook needs.

Bookstore Costs

Business Textbook – $235.76 Hardcover to rent

Mythology Textbook – $191.11 Paperback to rent

Photography Guidebook – $46 to buy (rent option isn’t available)

Total: $472.87

Chegg Costs

Business Textbook – $32.77 Ebook rental

Mythology Textbook – $26.59 Paperback to rent

Photography Guidebook – $9.74 Ebook rental

Total: $69.10

This semester I saved $403.77. Every semester I get professors that try to drill into your head to buy from the Campus Bookstore. For what? For them to take all of my money. I will never buy from any Campus Bookstore, I don’t get financial aid, and even if I did I still wouldn’t. I also don’t understand why people BUY their textbooks. I only have 2-3 textbooks that I bought because that was the only option. So, do you utilize the campus bookstore? I don’t, I avoid that place like the damn plague.


13 thoughts on “Campus Bookstore

  1. “Robbing students since the dawn of time”, haha yes that was me getting robbed Freshman year until I found out about, they give you the cheapest prices at all the websites like Chegg and Amazon. I wish more people would tell Freshman these things!


  2. The only time I ever bought textbooks new was when the edition had just came out. That way, I could sell it and get some of my money back. I had to buy a couple of textbooks from the bookstore, but it was because they were written by my professor’s at the time and they only sold/rented them through campus. It is definitely something that needs to be regulated in my opinion.


  3. There was a bookstore at UNLV campus called Beat The Bookstore. We could just rent books and it was half the cost of the other bookstores on campus. Probably not as cheap as Amazon though. I probably still wasted a bunch of money, but no book cost more than like $60 to rent.


  4. I have always thought the college textbook business is a racket. I understand the economics of it all but it doesn’t make you feel better when you have to come up with nearly $1000 for books depending on your course of study.


  5. Same with you. Amazon and Chegg. Actually my campus bookstore now claims to price match Amazon. I haven’t checked to see if they were lying yet.


  6. Textbooks are so overpriced! Unfortunately for me, I like hardcopies over ebooks, but I do everything I can to not go to my campus bookstore. Luckily my school is pretty great when it comes to reselling books, so I buy all my books used from other students for a fraction of the cost and sell old ones too.


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