Another Death

I am just going to get right into it and say that my great uncle Fred passed away. I don’t know how he passed but I have a speculation on when. My great grandfather passed away on the 8th (I think in a previous post I said he had passed on the 5th, that was a typo) of January and nobody could get a hold of Fred, so I am thinking he was possibly dead in his apartment for a month.

I feel so sad for my grandfather who just buried his father last week and to just find out that his brother died. This death however is different.

*TRIGGER WARNING* I don’t feel sad one bit because Fred is a convicted sex offender who raped his step daughter and his step granddaughter. He served time and is (was?) on the Family Watchdog Website.


My mom and grandmother are giving Fred’s only daughter Laura a lot of lip for not being in her fathers life. My grandmother said something along the lines of, “She hasn’t spoken to her father in years and he’s been sick,” and my mom, “Despite what he did it seems sad.” Nah, I feel no sadness. I feel empathy for my grandfather because all of this must weigh on his heart. That’s it. My cousin Laura is married with her own family, if she wants to disown her father, and not speak to him then I agree / support her 100%.


My boss messed up my paycheck thus the lovely United States government *insert middle finger here* took out way more money in taxes then they should have. Now, I am literally getting fucked on my paycheck. This month I am short $112.


So any thoughts? Is it bad that I don’t feel sad for Fred’s death and just feel for my grandfather? I hope everyone is having a better Thursday.

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