False Success by Kori | Written 1/22/17

Keeping facts hidden

Denying the obvious

A parents job is to protect,

and I hope she never forgives you.

On the fine line between delusion and illusion,

trying to pretend all is well.

Failed marriage,

neglecting one child,

overly praising the other.

Neither can be successful.

But we remain silent,

and contribute to the issue.

I really hope she never forgives you.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


9 thoughts on “[22/365]

  1. That’s too bad 😦 I hope the children will find help, especially the ignored one. Even a few kind words, if possible, work wonders. If the ignored child has even one person who praises them, or feels that someone is rooting for them, it can help them cope tremendously. Would you be able to talk to her or support her in any way? It could be a great help. Xo

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    • Since she’s 10 years old it isn’t really my place to talk to her, I also don’t really see her much. All that I know is that she acts out a lot and her parents think she has some type of mental illness but don’t talk about it much. I babysat her once for a few hours and she is off the wall and does a lot of craziness for a 10 year old. I think its because they favor her sister because she is a bit more calmer. I think they should put her in therapy so she could talk to someone.

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      • Yeah, it would definitely be beneficial for her to be in therapy. I didn’t know if she was some sort of family member, relative or something. I didn’t mean talk to her about her behavior or her family life, only simple stuff like, “Way to go on your math test! Great job, kid!”

        I know how frustrating it can be to see or hear about kids being treated that way. It’s sad too, to think her life could be a lot happier if they actually cared to get her help instead of dismissing her as a lost cause at the age of ten.

        Anyway, I love the poem 🙂

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      • Yeah she is really good at painting, like her skills are amazing and she brought some of her paintings. I was telling her how good they were and we painted. I really wish they would put her in therapy, they were for a while from what I’ve heard but they stopped.

        I feel bad for her, she’s always excluded from family trips from her immediate family because they don’t want to deal with her and that doesn’t help the situation either.

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  2. Neglect is a huge scar and someone should please say something. That someone is you! Please don’t be a spectator I all of this. A word or two can make a difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here because I am well aware that you needed to let out an emotion somehow. My heart goes out to that child.

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    • Yeah I get what everyone is saying, its not my place however to speak to her or her parents when don’t know the full story of anything. Based on little things I’ve seen and family gossip I think she’s ignored because of how she acts. I am not going to confront someone when I don’t have all the facts.

      I don’t know 100% what’s going on. I was told that she was in therapy, but I am not certain how accurate that is. I personally think she has a mental problem because she is always acting out, but I could be wrong.


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