“Donald Trump’s misogyny is not “locker room talk,” it is sexual assault and it is not okay.” Agreed! Comments have been disabled, please go over to A lot from Lydia to comment!

A lot from Lydia

“While Europe’s eye is fix’d on mighty things,
The fate of empires and the fall of kings;
 While quacks of State must each produce his plan,
 And even children lisp the Rights of Man; 
Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention,
 The Rights of Woman merit some attention.” 
~Robert Burns, 
The Rights Of Women, 1792

Thousands of women are gathering today for the Women’s March on Washington, and over 600 cities around the world have organized their own marches in solidarity, to shed light on women’s rights. It is ludicrous that we have to say women’s rights are human rights, but we do. Yesterday we inaugurated a man, now President of the United States, who has been recorded bragging that he has the right to, and does, whatever he wants to women.

Violence and oppression, and against women is not new, but Donald Trump and everyone who voted for him…

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