Short Story

Bad Tree

© Photo Prompt is provided by Shivangi Singh

Title: Bad Tree
Author: Kori
Word Count: 144

The men happily loaded their truck and beamed for a job well done. The tree that needed to be cut down at a condo complex was easy and they were grateful for the large tip that was given.

She smiled to herself, the boys did a great job getting rid of that tree, and she enjoyed watching them. Lena Hale sat on the cold chair outside on her balcony, fresh caramel coffee infiltrating her nose. She stared down at the parking lot of her complex, waiting to see where Room 235 would park tonight.

His name was not of importance, every night it was always a different girl, and Lena liked to watch. Lately, he had been parking in a spot beside a tree, blocking her view. After numerous complaint’s to office the tree was finally gone. Lena smiled and sipped more coffee. “Finally.”

I don’t think I’ve done a photo prompt before, but this was fun. I enjoyed writing this and seeing what other’s wrote for the challenge.This is my first entry for the flash fiction challenge over at the FFfAW site that has a new photo prompt every Tuesday. Anyone can join and I recommend it 100% because it’s fun. Click here for this week’s challenge. I will definitely be participating in more challenges!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


12 thoughts on “Bad Tree

  1. Hahaha! She wanted to be able to spy on her neighbor and his girlfriends! LOL! Cute story! Kori, you need to link this story up to the InLinkz Story Board so all the other participants can read your story. If you need directions on how to do that I will be happy to send them to you but I will need your email address.


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