The Way To A Man’s Heart

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” – An idiot man or a brainless woman.

Proverb? Quote? Who knows. What I do know, is that this is idiotic. Cooking is a life skill. If you cannot cook or don’t even attempt to try well then you fail. I can cook a bit of things here and there, but I hate cooking. It’s time consuming and annoying.

I am not your mother. IF you’re looking for someone to cook for you, keep it pushing, and please do not message me further. My grandmother did most of the cooking but my grandpa can throw down in the kitchen. My father did most of the cooking and my mother’s fiancé cooks good as well. This isn’t 1947. Leave your gender roles at the door.

Why is the fridge open? Letting all the cold air out!

Don’t believe its a life skill and someone should be cooking for you? Read this article here, on the left hand side you will also find that laundry is a life skill. If someone asks if you can cook then your response should be, “Duh, everyone should cook. It’s a life skill!” At least, that’s what I always say!

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13 thoughts on “The Way To A Man’s Heart

  1. I like the caption “Why is the fridge open? Letting all the cold air out!”
    My parents used to say similar things, “Close the fridge! What, were you raised in a barn?!” Then I would always wonder if there are refrigerators in barns, or what does that even mean? Was I raised in a barn?

    I agree with you on the cooking thing, it’s a little absurd, really. But in this day and age it’s a bit disheartening that some folks think cooking is unwrapping a package and putting it in the microwave. But seriously, don’t count on me to get all starry-eyed if a man claims he can cook. Woop-di-shit! Congratu-fucking-lations brother-man! Welcome to adulthood. It’s supremely idiotic to hold onto such outdated ideas of gender specific roles.

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    1. No joke and a random story, my aunt in Puerto Rico has a barn (with literally one pig) and inside of the barn there are two refrigerators. I am tired talking to guys who ask me if I cook. When a guy says he can cook I don’t get starry eyed but I do get surprised, and shocked.

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      1. Hahaha! That’s funny! πŸ™‚ I know it is a bit of a surprise at times to hear men say they cook, but a good one. Means they won’t be relying on the woman for that. I think a lot of men who are interested in someone who can cook are secretly trying to compare them to their mom.

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      2. Well, there is that too. But you better believe that if they’re looking for someone to take care of them they are are comparing to their mother; either to find someone just like mama to cook and clean and wipe their ass or to find someone totally unlike their mother who will care for and love them, in a way their own mother did not.

        I’ve met way too many sick dudes, trust me, if they’re looking for their mommy, run.


  2. I’m also a fan of your caption on the image. πŸ™‚
    In defense of the proverb, food is probably a good way to a man’s heart because it’s a good way to just about anyone’s heart. (Who doesn’t love good food?) That said, if your man can’t return the favor, he’s not worth cooking for.
    Awesome post!


  3. LOVE THIS. I am in the same boat as you I can cook a few things but I honestly just hate doing it. I’ve literally had people say I need to learn to enjoy it if I want to be “wife material.” I’m like do I look like a bitch that is trying to be wife material…

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  4. I cook for no man! I cook for me and my kiddies the man just happens to be there! Haha I love cooking I’m an in the closest food network fan…I’m all about trying to copy those fancy recipes. But cooking is a life skill. If it weren’t for microwaves I don’t believe the youth of today would make it.

    As far as gender roles I think everyone should play equal parts in the house hold. When married with kids and careers and everything that plays into having a “life” in the end I don’t really give two shats who cooks so long as it’s nutritious and edible most days.


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