TLC – Toddlers, Lunatics, and Cheaters

By far one of the funniest post’s I’ve read all weekend! I was laughing throughout the entire reading. Comments have been disabled, please go over to The Bold and Bitchy to comment!

The Bold and the Bitchy

I was watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC the other night, as one does, and there was a commercial that was constantly playing. It felt like the equivalent of being in North Korea and the only thing on TV is Kim Jong Un propaganda.

TLC has about three different commercials that they play on a loop, and they seep into the subconscious like some form of psychological mind control. Somehow I know the names of people on shows that I do not watch. I know plot lines, what days the show comes on, and even at what specific times. The government has been trying to perfect mind control and indoctrination for decades, but perhaps TLC has the answers they have been looking for all along. @CIA, you’re welcome.

TLC has been disgusting to me ever since the 600 Kids and Counting scandal occurred. (The mom on the show…

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