A Day Can Make A Difference

I normally don’t blog on Thursdays (unless it’s a poem) but I wanted to say thank you to the following people again for answering my questions and bringing awareness to the plagiarism issue that occurred. So thank you, CoolbeansJasminderSkinny and SingleJason, and Dariakill.

Also, to the person who thought that they could get away with stealing from various bloggers

Anyway here is a quick update on life:

My great grandfather passed away on the 5th, I really am numb to the situation right now, and I will probably be numb until his funeral. (That’s when all the emotions are going to spill out and drown me)

My godson Nico is kicking ass in school. Not literally, he’s no bully, but he is loving snack time. Also crafts, he’s big on crafts.

I found this cool site to alter pictures and make them look glitchy. I thought it was awesome. It’s called snorpey.

One of my facebook default pictures.

I haven’t had red meat, pork, and turkey in 11 days (I thought it was 3 weeks though… it feels like 3 weeks). January 11th (yesterday) was the last day of me having chicken. I am only giving it up because my sister says I couldn’t. It burns me when she says that I can’t do something.

I have been writing a lot more poetry than usual.

My grandparents are coming back to NY for 3 to 4 weeks possibly. I have mixed emotions about this. I am happy but I know they don’t like the weather so I hope they aren’t miserable here.

School starts in 19 days…. yay?

Anyway, how is everybody doing? How’s life? And to the new followers I have, welcome!

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19 thoughts on “A Day Can Make A Difference

  1. That’s so weird that you’ve given up meat…! I’m working on my post for later this month on my one end only resolution I made and stuck to which was giving up red meat. And my Dad didn’t think I could do it either! 😀


    1. Honestly, with Chicken I am a bit nervous because I know chicken has a lot of protein. My sister is just eating sides, but I can’t live off of mashed potatoes and asparagus. Giving up meat wasn’t as hard as I thought. No bacon and no burgers, and that was like a chunk of my life.

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  2. Haha, I can totally relate to wanting to prove people wrong. I hope you show your sister she was wrong 😉

    I am sorry about your great grandfather. I wish you and your family all the best in overcoming this loss.


    1. Yeah I am kind of wondering if I should buy Tofu, I’ve read good things about it online, but my friends say that its gross. Yeah he lived to be 92 years old which is pretty awesome, I am going to blog about it at a later day probably after the funeral because it hasn’t hit me yet. Thank you for your kind words!

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      1. Tofu is great when it’s deep-fried. I don’t think it’s that healthy any more then, though…
        Otherwise, try vegetarian meat substitutes, like falafel (I LOVE falafel!) or veggie burgers. They are really good and pretty healthy. Tofu… it depends on what you do with it, whether it tastes bland or not.

        Well, losing someone always sucks. I have a theory that (great) grandparents especially seem to be extraordinary people.


      2. Falafel especially will rock your world (I hope, if not: send it all to me. I could eat it all day).

        I sometimes catch myself missing my grandparents so much it hurts (and they’ve been gone for almost 19 and 15 years). What helps me is to tell myself at least I had the honour to have known them. Not everyone was so lucky. Maybe, in the (far) future, when you’re ready, this thought will help you, too.
        I hope you’ll get through this without too much heart ache. I will stop talking about it so I won’t remind you every two seconds (sorry!).


      3. Oh its okay, like I said it has not hit me yet. I think when I see my grandparents crying at his funeral is when all my emotions are going to pour out. Right now they are viewing him in Florida then flying the body out to New York to be buried next to my great grandmother. I didn’t cry at her funeral but when I came close to the body I broke down because it didn’t look like her. I am nervous that its going to be the same way for my great grandpa.

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  3. “How the Turntables” 😂😂😂😂😂 thank you so much for sharing that clip. It gives me life. I hope you’re doing well after all that’s happened!


  4. Really sorry to hear about your great grandfather and I wish you the best for the funeral.
    Also I’m really dreading going back to school too I want this break to last forever.


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