Major Changes Thanks To Content Stealing

I am seriously considering deleting my blog or at least all of my original work (poems, short stories, and other things) This has given me some major anxiety and is my second post (I deleted the first one) about it.

I went on tumblr where I had a message / ask. When I clicked it there were two links. A link to a blogger post and a wordpress user. The blogger post was from May 2016 which was word for word the same exact post I published December 2015.

I have yet to say anything to the person and I have the proof I just do not want to generate any traffic to this person’s blog because they are a thief. I googled some of the person’s posts and they seem to be stealing content from other wordpress blogs and putting it on their blogger. I do not know what to do. Should I say something or let it go? I am truly considering not posting any of my poetry on here anymore and deleting my original work.

Like I said I am not pulling this out of thin air, I have the proof I just don’t want to give this person any blog traffic. I feel kind of violated that someone stole my words and claimed it for her own. At least give me some credit, I always credit everyone, and everything when the idea isn’t mine. It’s just bullshit. I truly do not know what to do and I don’t want to do anything on a whim.


29 thoughts on “Major Changes Thanks To Content Stealing

  1. If you have contact information for the blogger (an email, twitter handle, ect…) perhaps consider contacting them and asking them to stop or to credit you or something. And if that doesn’t work or if you feel they don’t even deserve that courtesy, perhaps try tweeting/contacting Blogger and letting them know that a user is doing this.


    1. I don’t want to pick a fight with a troll and then all of my content gets stolen, thats my biggest fear. I feel like removing all my original work and then messaging the person. I am not good at articulating my words in a nice way, without going off on the person because I am so angry right now… maybe if I start off with a positive greeting… that may be good.


      1. Understandable, but you shouldn’t have to delete anything. But it’s your call. If you want to run a message by someone before you send it, I’m here if you need me.


      1. Understandable. There’s nothing like original writing though. Those that copy don’t know how to access that place where original thought comes from. Somehow that always calms me. We figure it out as we go I think. I went private for a bit and invited people I trusted after receiving some hateful words. My friend gets her art copied. She put a copyright. I assure her no one could ever copy her process…So we all know who’s the real thing.


      2. Very true also the time stamps clearly show who published first. I did my blog 12/2015 and the person copied and posted 5/2016. I did message whoever I could and let them now that their content was stolen.

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      3. I know how painful it can be to go over things in my mind. Now I get quiet and I usually know what to do with less anxious thinking. Sounds like you do that too. Best of luck –


  2. I don’t understand why people would be happy receiving praise for something they did not create themselves… Good thing you reported the blog and are copyrighting everything you post on here. But don’t stop blogging! You’re definitely better than this thief (otherwise they wouldn’t steal from you).

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  3. I’m dealing with the same thing right now. The blogger who is stealing from me has a bigger WordPress presence than I do and all his post are copy written. I will write a post and he will literally have the same thing up the next day, just slightly tweaked, copy written and everything. I can relate to you because it’s just very frustrating and making me not want to write anymore.


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