I decided for 2017 to write a poem a day, obviously I am late but anyway here are 7 poems that was written a few years ago. I wanted to edit them so badly but I didn’t. Gosh these poems are bad. Let me know what you think.

1. Untitled – Written Summer of 2010

Happiness is supposed to comes naturally.

I am fully aware that this isn’t normal.

I promised a stupid boy a place in my world,

even though I don’t want him there.

I’m more sober than ever.

My speaking is clear, but my thoughts are cluttered.


2. WTF – Written sometime in 2011

Don’t understand the minds dynamics.

Spending time with chaos.

Carefree & destructive.

Mustering up the courage to put some distance.

Easier said than done.

Waves of guilt, not letting go.

Drunken smile and glittery eyes.

This makes no sense.

I want more.


3. Hello – Written sometime in 2010

Falling in love in health class wasn’t the plan.

Being late caused my seat to be taken.

I sat right behind her and unknowingly invited pain.

Silky hair and glowing eyes said hi.

In the midst of casual conversation something happens.

I’m awake now.


4. Walmart Runs – Written September 2011

The cold air burns my lungs.

Florida is supposed to be the sunshine state.

A 24 hour Walmart is my new solace

What can I possibly buy at 1 am?

Once upon a time I told someone the truth.

They used it against me and thought it would help.

I won’t make the same mistake again.

Thousands of miles away,

I need to find a better place for you.

I can’t have you escaping the corner of my mind.


5. Waves – Written August 2011

Violent night terrors and severe headaches.

My life is in a constant state of disarray.

My ears long for peace.

The little time I do sleep, my demons are wild.

I thank you for that cheap bracelet,

plastered in religious imagery that’s supposed to save me.

Open arms calm everything down,

But once you’re gone the demons come back.


6. Happy – Written 2009

Shh now, you have all the toys in the world.

You’re not sad

You’re tired or sick.

I don’t feel sick.

Why the face?

You have all the gadgets and gizmos in the world.

Nothing else should matter.

You have everything.

You’re not sad.


7. Where’s The Sun? – Written 2010

It’s been a storm for quite a while.

Learning to adapt wasn’t easy.

Swimming in madness & surviving.

Is this what an apocalypse is like?

Waiting for the day to be on land again.

“The storm will pass soon” – Someone wise.

But when?

Will I be as old as Rose?

I can’t wait for 80 something years.


These poems were all written by me Kori, obviously. They are so cringe worthy and written between the ages of 15 – 18. So what do you think? Do I need a hug?

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