So I was at the library yesterday looking at different reading challenges and there were these two girls sitting near me. They had to be in the 9th grade because they smelled like fresh meat.

Anyway, you know the obnoxious teenage stereotype right? Loud, cackling, annoying, and doing all of this in the library where you’re supposed to shut the fuck up.

A woman comes in and she has to be in her mid 50’s and behind her is who I assume to be her son, and he clearly has some sort of disability. He came in making some noises and snapping his fingers. I am no doctor but, it’s obvious he has some sort of problem. But you know what I do? Not a damn thing, because he’s with his mother or caregiver, and he’s just minding his business. He’s making noises here and there, but who cares.

This is how I looked when I heard them laughing.

These two bitches (its 2017 I need to try and not curse too much when I blog) girls start laughing, running into the shelves to laugh loud, and it truly took a lot to not have me say something. It’s 2017 and people still laugh at others with disabilities? They were mimicking his snorting sounds and were being cruel. Joking about how he would fail at the mannequin challenge because he keeps snorting and moving.

I am no stick in the mud, and I laughed my ass off when Eric Cartman wanted to join the special Olympics to get money… but show this woman and that man some respect.

I was glad when they left. I hope karma gets them good.

Also my face….

Should I have said something? I always hate the person that never says anything, but I didn’t want to start a scene. If they would have gotten physical with the poor guy then those two girls would have gotten these hands. What would you have done?