Book Reviews: December 2016 (Yes, I Skipped November)

Hey guys… I skipped November cause I didn’t read anything but fanfiction.

Room by Emma Donoghue


Review: I was hearing a lot of good things about the film Room staring the ever so beautiful Brie Larson. I saw the film and was excited to read the book. The book and film have generated a lot of buzz so I am sure every one knows what it’s about. Jack and his mother are kept in a room by a gross man only known as Old Nick. Jack doesn’t know anything else about the outside world. Everything in Room is his world. Even though he watches small amounts of TV, he believes everything he sees is pretend, which was told to him by Ma. The film is told from Jack’s perspective and so is the book, and I think the movie is better at portraying the story that way.

Since the novel was narrated by Jack it took away something from it. It watered down what an awesome depressing book it could have been. I couldn’t relate to 5 year old Jack and sometimes I couldn’t stand him. I am trying not to give away too many spoilers but there is one event towards the very end of the book that really made me dislike Jack. Him and his mother are in this independent living facility and Jack is carrying around “Rug” from “Room” a dirty rug that he was born on and gives his mom a hard time about everything. I understand he’s adjusting but he just irritates me.

Since everything is seen through Jacks eyes certain things that would be mind blowing were kind of dumb downed if that makes sense. All the trauma that him and his mother go through we see through Jack and how hes confused about it all. The story isn’t bad and I do recommend it (I stayed up all night reading it), I just wished it was told by Ma and not Jack.

Spoilers: Ma was put through a lot of shit that would have made the story better if it was just told through her perspective.

The Good: Jack & Ma were able to escape the room. (Get the pun? Escape the room? Based off of all those games? I thought it was a tad bit funny)

The Bad: Jack’s behavior. I understand that his upbringing was different due to being trapped in a Room, but I still felt he was a little shit to his Ma at times.

One Last Note: This is a good book if you can get passed Jack being a little shit. The book is available free if you google it, I won’t link it because I am not sure how legal that is. But if you want to buy the book you can get it at Amazon. Oh and watch the film.

Final Rating:★★★☆☆

Push by Sapphire


Review: I read Push when I was in the 9th grade and reading it a second time still didn’t change my view on how awesome this book was. It deals with child abuse so if that’s a trigger for you then I suggest you don’t read. My review may contain some spoilers.

The story is about a girl named Precious that is failed by the system. She is 16 years old, still in middle school, has a 4 year old daughter, pregnant again, abused by her mother, raped by her father (who is the father of her children), she is poor, illiterate, and HIV positive.

Precious is still a child herself yet she has to overcome all of this and try her best to push forward with the cards that life has given her. I couldn’t imagine dealing with all of these things at the age of 16 and to me that made Precious strong.

The only reason why I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is because I had a hard time believing that the schools truly didn’t care. Growing up in Queens, NY I understand that the public school system isn’t great, but Precious was purposely urinating on herself, she wasn’t speaking, and she would come to school with semen stains on her shirt. Did anyone not report this? Things like this are supposed to get reported. Also she gave birth at 12 years old… why weren’t the police called?

Spoilers: Precious gets abused and so do many of the teenagers in the novel.

The Good: Precious has some incredible strength.

The Bad: The abuse that Precious deals with her entire life.

One Last Note: The grammar was hard for me to get through but this book is amazing. You can buy it on Amazon.

Final Rating:★★★★☆

The Kid by Sapphire


Review: Just like his father/grandfather and his great grandfather, Abdul becomes a rapist but constantly denies he’s anything but a great kid. I like that Sapphire shed a light on his great grandmother because we can see that the system failed that entire family. Here is a mini flowchart:

Tootsie Johnston – Originally from the south and was abandoned by her mother. Was raped at the age of 9/10 and gave birth to Mary. Not loving towards Mary in anyway and even tried to kill her once. Named her Mary after her aunt or mother I forgot but didn’t want to name her Mary. Was a prostitute for some time.

Mary L. Johnston – Not much is known about her past. Died weighing close to 500 lbs, a product of rape, raped her own daughter, and allowed her boyfriend to rape her child.

Claireece Precious Jones – Has two children with her father, who began to rape her at a young age. Her mother ignores the abuse and eventually begins to abuse her as well. Despite all of her hurdles she was able to get her GED and get herself into college.

Abdul Jamal Louis Jones – Pathological liar, the product of rape, a smart man, prone to being nasty, closed off, can dance well, becomes a predator.

This novel was trash, just torture porn honestly. I couldn’t identify with Abdul. If you’re going to abuse people don’t deny it once its one. The writing was well because Sapphire is an excellent writer but Abdul was such a weak man (IRONIC BECAUSE HIS MOTHER WANTED TO NAME HIM AFTER STRONG MEN). What a sick book, Push didn’t have a happy ending but at least Precious is trying to overcome and better herself. What is Abdul doing? Raping children and saying he’s a great person. I honestly wish I never spent money on this book.

Spoilers: One of Precious’ friend (they don’t say who but I suspect Rhonda) uses Precious’ information after she died. That’s fucked up.

The Good: Precious was able to get her GED and go to college.

The Bad: Abdul Jamal Louis Jones.

One Last Note: I don’t recommend this book and wish I would have saved my money. If you want to buy it then you can on Amazon.

Final Rating:★☆☆☆☆

What are some good books you read in December? Let me know! Also add me on goodreads!


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