Here’s what happened yesterday to me in bullet form. Cause I am lazy.

  • Woke up at 5 am throwing up.
  • Went to work only to throw up 2 more times and to be sent home.
  • Threw up a few more times at home.
  • My sister was also sick and vomiting too.
  • My mothers boyfriend who was home kept saying 23473940564 times that we had the flu and he was really annoying.
  • My inconsiderate sister was hogging the bathroom, by this point she had stopped vomiting but was taking a bath every fucking hour cause it made her feel better.
  • I watched Harry Potter films 3-5 and cried like a baby when Cedric Godfrey died.
  • My mother comes home on the phone and shes yelling and screaming on the phone.
  • She acts like if she wasn’t around my sister and I would be so lost without her.
  • I’ve been sick before WITHOUT her and I managed just fine.
  • I get to work today, my boss has an attitude, and my desk wasn’t covered properly.
  • I really want 2016 to end cause it’s been a shit show.

How was everyone’s Tuesday? Hopefully better than mine!