I Hate When I Miss Work

Here’s what happened yesterday to me in bullet form. Cause I am lazy.

  • Woke up at 5 am throwing up.
  • Went to work only to throw up 2 more times and to be sent home.
  • Threw up a few more times at home.
  • My sister was also sick and vomiting too.
  • My mothers boyfriend who was home kept saying 23473940564 times that we had the flu and he was really annoying.
  • My inconsiderate sister was hogging the bathroom, by this point she had stopped vomiting but was taking a bath every fucking hour cause it made her feel better.
  • I watched Harry Potter films 3-5 and cried like a baby when Cedric Godfrey died.
  • My mother comes home on the phone and shes yelling and screaming on the phone.
  • She acts like if she wasn’t around my sister and I would be so lost without her.
  • I’ve been sick before WITHOUT her and I managed just fine.
  • I get to work today, my boss has an attitude, and my desk wasn’t covered properly.
  • I really want 2016 to end cause it’s been a shit show.

How was everyone’s Tuesday? Hopefully better than mine!


9 thoughts on “I Hate When I Miss Work

  1. Do you have the stomach flu? That’s what it sounds like if you keep throwing up. Definitely drink Gatorade if you can keep it down because you’ll be low on electrolytes for sure. It annoys the crap out of me how parents get involved in something that literally doesn’t affect them, and you can completely handle on your own, and then they get irritated with you. It’s like they put themselves into the situation! I hope you feel better sweetie 🙂


  2. I was so ashamed of my work ethic this year. I hate mornings, so I called in a lot. Thankfully I did not get fired. I am improving my attendance next semester.

    And, my Tuesday was great. I actually got to relax all day!


      1. Well I work in a classroom with like three other people so no one had to cover for me. Just for the students sake so they know where I am. Just so they don’t feel abandoned or anything.


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