I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I know I did. I know Christmas is about Jesus and being humble, but I got a lot of crap. Christmas time is always the one day where my mother buys me a bunch of junk because buying my forgiveness is easier than being a normal parent. Anywho, lets talk about Manhattan. I love the idea of going to Manhattan but as soon as I get there I want to slit my wrists. Okay, that was extreme. Manhattan is the worst, well not Manhattan in its entirety. Just Times Square, Rockefeller center, and every other tourist spot.

Is it me or does the tree look sickly? It looks like it’s been put on a gluten free diet or something. 

Let me tell you. Getting this picture took so much I think I secretly sold my soul to the devil. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be but still. It was a mess, I don’t like swarms of people. It’s just germs. I guess it has a lot to do with going to Manhattan to do something I wanted to do. When I go to Manhattan I go to Midtown Comics and Fjällräven, I would never go to Rockefeller center especially on Christmas.

We also went to Bryant Park because they have a little flea market thing there and I took some awesome pictures. Enjoy!

We didn’t take the subway here but I thought this was something cool to take a picture of.
A water fountain. I made a wish, hopefully it comes true.
A random building I thought was pretty.

I took more pictures but the five I posted are my favorite. Did everyone have an awesome Christmas? What was some of the gifts you guys got or gave to someone that were awesome? Does anyone like Manhattan? Or have you guys ever been to Rockefeller center? Let me know!