I’ve been on a Harry Potter kick these last few days. I’ve been re watching the movies and anxiously waiting to start reading the series again. There are some cool items used in the films that I would love to get as gifts. Here are they!



The Time-Turner is a nifty little device that allows you to rewind time. I would patiently wait to hear the lotto numbers, go back in time, play those numbers, and win. Everyone can benefit with the Time-Turner.

Invisibility cloak


Self explanatory what this gift is. But THINK of all the coolness that could be done with it! First let me say I would want the original cloak that death made for Ignotus Peverell because it would be the most authentic. Then with the cloak on I would rob a bank.



Dumbledore created this cool device. It allowed you to remove light sources from what ever is around you and vice versa. In tough situations it seems like the perfect gift.

Sword of Gryffindor


I don’t need a gun with this bad ass sword. Even though I identify as a Ravenclaw, this sword is so awesome. It’s made of pure silver and since Harry killed the¬†Basilisk, it has some of its venom making it even stronger. Best gift ever!



Even though I kind of find the Remembrall useless and stressful, I still think its a nifty gift. The Remembrall is a small glass ball that has smoke that turns red when the owner forgets something. Honestly that would stress me out. I would rack my brain trying to figure out what is it that I forgot.

Friends like this would be awesome…

Did you like harry potter? Do you prefer the books or the film? Is there another item that I didn’t list that you would want as a gift? Let me know!