Two posts in a day! Whaaaaat? It’s not a happy post though. My anxiety is back at full force. I leave work in a few minutes and I don’t want to go home, it’s just going to be more screaming. Anyway, I¬†quit smoking about two or three weeks ago fully. However, thanks to my mother I will start up smoking again today. I am so aggravated with her its not even funny. I am contemplating paying off all my bills and not go to school just not to deal with her. She has been helping me financially for my previous car (the one she drove for a year and practically destroyed). The one time I don’t wan to do something for her she has a big scene at the office and storms out. I am thoroughly tired of her bullshit and even though I don’t want to smoke, she is stressing me out.

She constantly throws in my face how she helps me out.

So in turn, I throw in her face that I don’t want to help her out. When we get paid again I will lie and say I don’t need her help anymore. I would rather suffer in silence then to ever ask for her help again.