The Jamaica station wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Yesterday my sister and I went to the Islander game all the way to the Barclay center in Brooklyn. I don’t like driving to any of the boroughs so we had to take two trains to get there. I was a bit anxious but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The transfer station is very clear on where to go. Brooklyn sort of has a bad rep but it’s been gentrified just like most of the boroughs.

Literally when you get out of the train station you cross the street and you are at the Barclay Center. My mother’s friend has VIP Box seats and since he couldn’t go he gave them to my mother who in turned gave them to me and my sister. Originally my mother and her boyfriend were going to go but he couldn’t. When we got to the VIP entrance one of the security guards gave my sister and I a double take and asked twice if we were sure we were in VIP. We showed him our tickets and he said, “Hmm okay then.” We get upstairs and another lady asks to see our ticket even though it was already scanned, mind you she didn’t stop anybody else.


The VIP room was really nice. Free sodas, free chips, two couches in the room, and free apparel. It was amazing. The suite was really nice. Of course as I am in the room while my sister is in the bathroom, security comes and asks to see my ticket again and I happily show her. Let me remind you in order to get into VIP you have to show your ticket. She was nice about it I guess but I gave her the side eye, I don’t want to say because my sister and I were the only person of color in the suite area…. but we were the only person of color in the suite area.

We lost but eh that’s life

The game was good even though the Islanders lost to the Senators, the VIP area made it better because the seats were awesome. I didn’t like the constant stares from the staff and all types of security asking to see our ticket. It got to the point where we didn’t leave the suite together because we didn’t want to be locked out just in case.

My sister who is caught up in her own world 99% of the time thought that the staff was being racist. I kind of thought it was odd that they kept asking us to see our tickets but I also thought it was because we look young and we were in VIP alone. What do you guys think? Was it racist that the security kept asking to see our VIP tickets after it was scanned? Or were they being ageist? Or is it normal to get asked 6 times to see your tickets even after they have been scanned? Mind you, they didn’t ask anybody else. Let me know your thoughts. I am curious.